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Different Plants To Grow In Your Tower Garden

Different Plants To Grow In Your Tower Garden

Different Plants To Grow In Your Tower Garden

Tower Garden

Tower garden is nothing but making use of a plastic column which is placed vertically, and it can be used to grow plants. You may be interested to grow your own fresh vegetables and fruits so that you can eat healthily. Tower garden is an excellent option for people who wish to do organic farming. There are various types of plants that you can grow in a tower garden. You can get to know about garden tower 2 from various websites. You can click on the link lacrossetribune.com/couleecourier/news/local/rotary-club-donation-helping-grow-tower-of-food-in-onalaska/article_7af0e24c-32b4-5c11-a561-6af17cf8c2c0.html to know about how tower gardening is practiced.

You may be really surprised to know the list of plants that you can grow in a tower garden. The article below lists the various plants that you can try growing using the tower garden.

How Does It Work?
As the tower garden make use of water and air to nourish the plants, it is not possible to grow all the plants in it. It is not possible to grow all the plants which grow with the help of soil. But the use of liquid fertilizer helps to nourish certain plants and yields a good quantity of vegetables and fruits. See that you provide sufficient sunlight to the tower garden. By providing the essential facilities to the tower garden, you can grow various plants.
The following are the list of plants that can be grown by beginners who wish to grow their own food using tower garden.

Green Leafy Vegetables
It is easy to grow green leafy vegetables using the vertical tower used for tower gardening. Green leafy vegetables like arugula, chard, kale, etc. are rich sources of nutrients and can be easily grown by a beginner. These plants grow easily, and you can grow it either outdoor or indoor. These plants also get adapted to different climatic conditions.

Root Crops
You may assume that tower gardens can accommodate only ground plants. But it is possible to grow root plants like carrots, beets, etc. using the tower garden. You can accommodate small tubers in a tower garden. Also, see that you harvest the roots before it becomes large.

Tower garden is a perfect option to grow different kinds of eggplants. This includes Thai brinjals, Barbella brinjals, etc. It is simple and easy to grow all the varieties of eggplants in a tower garden.

Fruit Bearing Crops
You should take certain precautions before you start to grow fruit-bearing crops. These crops demand the need for extra sunlight, space, and better pollination. You can grow tomatoes, zucchini squash, cucumbers, etc. By providing the extra facilities to the tower garden, you can enjoy your favorite food fresh from your garden.

Herbs are plants with leaves which contain various medical benefits. Also, you can enjoy the aromatic smell of the different herbs. Herbs like basil, cilantro, mint, parsley, etc. All these herbs can be easily grown, and it adapts to both outdoor and indoor conditions. Also, these plants grow in various climatic conditions.
The above plants can be easily grown and yield better harvest. Thus beginners can try out the above list of crops or plants to be grown in the tower garden and enjoy eating fresh fruit and vegetables.

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